You light up my office.

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The other day I looked up at the ceiling fan at two lights had succumb to the darkness. So a I began a “quick trip” to home depot to get new lights.  At first I was getting all Al Goreie and picked up the curly lights. But then remembered I am a photographer and I want the best light I can get in my office. So I picked up Philips Natural Light Plus light bulbs.   These lights have a purple tint to them and really bring out the colors in my wood desk and all the photos on my wall look great.

Also you should also know that the curly lights are blinking at 60 Hz, thus you may have more eye strain. In a place I spend way too much time in, you want light that is not blinking.   Remember how much your eyes loved you when you switched to a LCD monitor (You did switch didn’t you).

Bill Debevc