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I have used for a year and a half now. I must say I am completely satisfied with their products and support. I have sold over 900 photos to a hundred different people. I have not had one return or one complaint from any of my clients. Everyone has been happy with the product that and I deliver.

Their website is very easy to use, very professional and easily customized. Their customer service is the best and exactly if I was running the company would have it be. For example I had a photo that was created for a 8×10 size, a client had ordered a 4×6 version of the file the crop did not work. To top it off the client mistyped their email address, so was unable to get a hold of the client who ordered the photos. I received a email from Wendee,’s customer support hero asking what “I” would like to do, instead of printing a product that the client would not be happy with. Wow! is all I can say. What I did was create a new cropped version of the photo that would work with 4×6 and sent it to Wendee at and I also put a new version on the site. At the end of the day we solved the problem and now both customers are happy, I am a happy customer and we both have a happy sshaPhotos customer.

Thank You for such a great product and great customer service.

I highly recommend for your photography business.

Bill Debevc