What Should Be My First Real Lens?

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Reading discussion groups around the internets, it seems that the one of the most commonly asked question is “What lens should I buy.”  Well if you are looking for your first real lens here’s the answer.

Get a 50mm F1.8 lens. Every SLR camera manufacture has a inexpensive 50mm F1.8 lens in their lens line up.  Why a 50mm lens, well it is the best value from any manufacture. Because this lens is a prime lens its quality is superb, compared to your kit lens. You will need to move around to get your framing correct because there is no zoom. You can also get that wonderful bokeh (that buttery blur in front of or behind the point of focus) because it has a shallow depth of field.

I believe that I have learned the most about composition with my 50mm and had the most fun as well.  When I purchased my 50 1.8, I owned a Nikon d40x camera, because that camera did not have a focus motor, I had to manually focus the lens. I did not see that as a disadvantage, I saw it as a learning tool.

Here are a couple tips on manual focus for Nikon cameras.  1. Make sure your diopter is set correctly, if the writing in the bottom of the view finder is clear then it’s set right. 2. There is a little green dot with arrow heads at the lower left corner in the view finder. When that dot is solid your subject is in focus.

What you want to do with the 50mm lens is slow down. Take your time to explore and get that perfect composition. Figure out what your subject really is, that’s what you focus on. Pick a background that will complement your subject. Get your exposure correct and take the photo.

In my opinion, go out and get yourself a 50mm 1.8, you won’t regret it.

Later we will explore setting that aperture or f stop.

Bill Debevc

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