To Keyword or not to keyword.

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To keyword or not to keyword, that is the question.  The answer to this looming question is “it depends.”  Personally I don’t keyword because I don’t have the discipline, or have found a need to keyword.  So why am I writing this if I don’t keyword, because I know why I failed. I only found this out then I tried to find a photo, and could not find it. Here are some key points that may help you with your keywords.

  • Pick singular word for everything, use dog not dogs. That way you can remember which one to use.
  • Use all lowercase letters, some software is case sensitive others are not, It just looks nicer.
  • Make a keyword list, so you can keep consistency with your words.
  • Keyword when you import your photos with keywords that apply to multiple photos.
  • Don’t forget about colors.
  • Who, What, Where, When is this photo about.
  • Email address of the person, or agency number is good for models.
  • Do you have a property or model release?  Keyword that.
  • Read your software manual or look in the help about keywords, because you need to separate your keywords with something.

To help hone your skills Google has a image labeler application that can help you with your keywording skills, and it quite fun to play. To get there go to and pick Google Image Labeler.  There you get teamed up with some random person where you both work to try to match keywords. My best score was 1200.

Let us know in the comments if you keyword your photos and if you find it useful.

Bill Debevc