Thinking about Aperture 3

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As you may or may not know I started using Apple’s Aperture for photo cataloging and light image editing then moved to Photoshop Lightroom.  I moved to Lightroom for a few reasons here are some of them:

  • Peer Pressure. More and more photographers were moving to Lightroom
  • Better integration with Photoshop
  • Better RAW rendering engine and Aperture 2.x
  • No word from Apple regarding an Aperture update
  • Adobe DNG Files are smaller, contain edits within them and fully Supported in LR.

Those points persuaded me to make the switch.  Now, with almost 6 month of using Lightroom, I can now say I miss Aperture, especially the highlights and shadows adjustments, you can almost do HDR with that tool. I also missed the interface.

On February 9, 2010, Apple released Aperture 3, and I must say it has some compelling features.  So what the heck, I will give Aperture another try.  I am pleasantly surprised of how much I missed that interface, to me it’s just laid out better.  Apple has also improved the speed, that was one complaint I had with Aperture 2.  Here is a list of the key way cool features in Aperture 3, in the order I think is coolest to cool:

  • Faces
  • Places
  • Adjustment Presets (one of the features I liked in Lightroom)
  • Adjustment Brush (one of the features I liked in Lightroom)
  • Curves (one of the features I liked in Lightroom)
  • Metadata showing you the camera settings in a easy to read format
  • Visual overlay showing you your camera focus points
  • Video
  • Advanced slideshows
  • Easy book design and printing
  • Color Labels

As far as Lightroom is concerned, the features I like in it that are not in Aperture are:

  • Nikon camera presets
  • Better integration with Photoshop, open multiple files as layers or as Photomerge
  • Post crop vignette

What I don’t like about Lightroom.

  • Having to go between library and develop to doing thing with keyboard shortcuts
  • Image browsing speed is slow
  • I don’t like the new import dialog box in Lightroom 3. Don’t get me wrong I like the features in it, I just don’t like the speed or the layout.
  • Import speed is very slow compared to Aperture 3.
  • I like the adjustment sync better in Aperture 3, I understand it better.

So today I started importing my library into Aperture and so far so good. As I learn more about the product I will be sure to post my findings.

Bill Debevc