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What is SIFAC?

S Shutter Speed
F Focus
A Aperture or F-Stop
C Composition

Q: Which is more important?

A: They all are equality important, they must all come together to create the perfect photo.  Remember photography is all about compromise, you need to give and take.

Here is what each ones does and how it effect the photo

  • Shutter speed is how long the shutter remains open thus exposing the sensor to light. The longer the shutter speed the more motion blur you will have.
  • ISO controls the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor. The higher the sensitivity the more noise but the more light is absorbed by the sensor. Finding the right balance is very important.
  • Focus is at what distance from the lens do items appear sharp. Get the wrong thing in picture and you just took a photo of something else.
  • Aperture controls the Depth of Field. Depth of Field is how much of the photo is in focus determined by the distance from the lens to the object.
  • Composition is balance of what is in the picture as it relates to the subject matter of the photo, background, lighting. Composition is what make us artist and not snapshot takers.

Remember to take the time to SIFAC.

Bill Debevc