Rhyolite at night, first trip.

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Back in August of 2009 shortly after reading Joe McNally book, The Hot Shoe Diaries,  I was armed and ready to capture a fantastic photo.  I decide to head to Rhyolite, NV and take some night photos. For those of who don’t know Rhyolite is a ghost town outside Beaty Nevada, about 2 hours north of Las Vegas. What a spooky and fantastic place to take photos.

I arrived around 7:30pm and started to take photos at the Goldwell outdoor Museum, that’s where Albert Szukalsk did his erie version of “The Last Supper” with burlap and plaster.  Up the street from there was the Cook Bank Building.

I decided to tackle the Cook Bank building by trying to light up what’s left is this wonderful building. The commander mode on my D700’s on board flash did not have enough power to trigger the remote flashes a about 150 feet away, so I had to put on one of the SB-900’s on the camera to trigger the remote flash. Zooming the flash to 200mm I was able to reach the furthest flash, I guess Strobe, the flash God, was looking down on me that night. Now I was down to one flash left to light up the building, oh well. So I decided to take a series of photos and merge them together afterwords in Photoshop.

I also now have a use for the onOne iPhone app. Basically what that app will allow me to do is remote trigger and view photos taken with my camera. No more take the picture go move the flash, take the picture. I guess the commercials are right, “There’s a App for that.”

Afterwords in post I used my tried and true method of merging photos using layers and layer masks to paint in the light. Then the light came on and I decided to try a new method. You know there are always new ways to skin a photo. I tried, and some of you will say duh, to use layer blending modes. Wow that’s the beacon, it made it so easy and looked so good. Now I just mask out where I don’t want the light.

I am also starting to fully understand the “McNally Effect.”  Thats where you read or see some of his work and get that “I can do that if” feeling and buy more stuff. Thanks Joe!   If you would like a print of this image click on the LINK here above to be taken to my gallery site where you can purchase a print. (shameless plug)

Bill Debevc