Photographers Contract Maker

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Photographers Contract Maker
An iPhone App By Michael The Maven

This app is, quietly, a very good concept in my opinion and is pulled off pretty well by Michael The Maven. I heard about this on the Las Vegas Photographic Society’s message board and bought it right away. Hey, it’s only $3, for now.

I have copies of a standard release that I carry around with me, but what a PITA that is, right? Only when I really need it, do I seem to have a hard time finding it in one of my many camera bags I could be carrying at the time. However, I always have my phone, right? You do too, and this is really going to open up opportunities to capture some more photographs that you might pass up simply because you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding that release or a pen for that matter. This app allows your client or employer to view and sign the contract/release right there on the iPhone’s touch screen with their finger. You can then email the contract/release out to both of you. It integrates very well with the built-in contacts.

My experience? So far so good with this little gem. Without RTFM, it took me a little bit to navigate the app, but not too long, and it is supper handy to use. There are some SAMPLE contracts built in; however, seek your own legal advice. If you already have your own standard contracts in a computer somewhere, copy and paste them (the text) into an email to yourself accessible from your iPhone, then copy again out of the email to create a new template in the app. From there you just need to add some of the “Placeholders” within the document and you’re set. The email out feature is great and works flawlessly. My only challenge so far was viewing the PDF within Gmail’s document viewer, but I’m sure that’s not the apps fault. It shows the Signatures but not the rest of the text. Rest assured the text does show properly when opened in Adobe Reader however.

via Scott Roeben

* I am not a lawyer nor is Michael, so please seek your own legal advice concerning the contracts and releases you choose to use.