Lightroom- Synchronize Folders

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This is a nice Tut-video on how and why you would use the synchronization feature in Lightroom. I use synchronization for a couple of reasons. I use it to update an archive catalog of all my old weddings and events into a master catalog, as well as updating my portfolio catalog.

Since I use individual Catalogs for almost everything, especially weddings and events, they are inherently self-contained in as much as search-ability is concerned. So I make sure to keyword my events with details that might not make perfect sense within an individual catalog; however, make perfect sense when that catalog and photos are incorporated into a larger Master catalog. This way, when I’m looking for a wedding couple from last year, I can simply open up the master catalog, search on “Wilson” and “Four Seasons” for example, and I should be able to zero in on those images quickly. Now this comes in real handy for someone like me with a bad case of CRS when someone calls and says “Hi Chris, this is Debbie, you photographed our wedding at the Four Seasons”.

OK,, I’m on it, -open master catalog, -search for Debbie and Four Seasons, -boom! there they are. I didn’t have to navigate through a boatload of directories to find them.

I also have a workflow for my portfolio photos in as much as a catalog is created and the photos are exported with that catalog directly into my portfolio catalog. On occasion, after having done a few portfolio exports, I’ll open the Master Portfolio catalog and Synchronize the folders. This will bring into the master catalog, all those photos that I have selected to include, easy squeezy!

Any questions on this, please leave your comments below.

Via AdobeTV