iPhone 5 Battery Life Fix

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You, me and few thousand or so of our closest friends have found that the battery life of our new iPhone 5 is well under spec and wonder “what the hell?”. I searched high and low and did finally find a fix for my problem, I just don’t remember where. So, I apologize first for not crediting the source but I will in the comments if I find it again, or someone points me in the right direction.

If you’re a brand new iPhone user with an iPhone 5 and never had an iPhone previously, then this article is probably not for you as this solution seems to stem from users that restored their new iPhones from a previous backup of their old phones.

So, there you go, that just let the secret out as to why it happens, it’s because we got our new iPhones but restored our nice, clean, unmolested devices with an image of our old bad habits. Oh well, why not? We all spent so much time tweaking our apps and folders and settings to just the way we like it and it all happen over a period of time and who know what all was set? So, like the smart squirrels we are, we backed up our carefully laid out plan in order to make sure all that hard work isn’t for not, and then restored that nasty image to our new device. Well, everything’s nice and pretty and working just the way we like it, but our battery is at 42% by mid-day without so much as a Facebook check-in.

Without further adieu, Reset your settings! Yep, pretty much as easy as that. Go to your device settings, general and then reset and choose “Reset All Settings” – now this reset will not delete any data, photos or apps and app settings; however, it will delete lock-screen photo, wallpaper photo and some other settings like wifi and VPN settings, maybe. Nothing that should cause too much problem and easy enough to re-enter, at least it was for me.

Once this was done, I immediately saw an improvement, but I also then ran the device without charge until it gave me the warning to plug-in to charge. Then I gave it a full charge and, so far, all has been up-to-par and the battery is performing great for 2 weeks now.
Your mileage may vary and, as always, proceed at your own risk. Hope this helps you out as well.