How my Nikon D700 is customized to suit me. tagged:

How my Nikon D700 is customized to suit me.

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I have not customized my camera that much, but the settings that I did change have really helped with my photography. Here is a list of the changes I have made in my camera. You can tell what changes you made in the custom settings menu because the is a * by the setting ID.

My menu items:

My menu items provide a quick way to get to the settings you change the most.

ISO Sensitivity Auto Control
E3 Flash Control for build in Flash
NEF Raw Recording
Virtual Horizon
Custom Settings Menu Changes:

A1: AF-S : Release
This tells the camera to fire even the camera thinks it out of focus. I am the boss and when I say its in focus, it’s in focus.

A5 AF Activation: AF-ON only
This tells the camera not to focus with a half press. I use only the AF-ON button to auto focus my camera, this allows me to stay in AF-C (Auto Focus – Continuous) mode all the time except when I need to manually focus. I press the AF-ON button focus the camera, let go, frame and fire. No need to ever switch to AF-S (Auto Focus- Single) because when I let go of the button I move from AF-C to AF-S automatically. Using the AF-ON button is like switching from PC to MAC, I will never go back. I must say it took me 3 outings shooting baseball to get the hang of it.

A7 Focus Point Wrap-Around: ON
This allows the focus point to move from the right most edge to the left most edge with one click. It also works up and down as well.

A9: Build in AF Assist illuminator: Off
This controls if the AF Assist light will turn on when you are focusing. I prefer it off.

D1 Beep: Off
This tells the camera not to beep when its focused. The camera makes enough shutter noise, my subjects don’t need to hear the focus beep.

D2: Viewfinder grid display: ON
This displays a grid in the view finder, this helps keeping my shots level.

D8: LCD illumination: ON
This turns on the light on the top LCD display when the camera is on.

E4 Modeling Flash: OFF
When on the depth of field preview is pressed and a flash is ready to fire, the flash will pulse on to illuminate the subject.

F1 Switch: Both
This will display what the info button shows when I crank on the on switch. I forgot I had this on but I can see a use for it now.

F2 Multi Selector Center Button Playback mode: Zoom on/off
When displaying the image on the back of the camera, zoom to 100% around the focus point when I press the center button on the multi-selector (The round 4way button)

F9 Customize Command Dials: Menus and Playback ON
This allows me to browse though my photos using the dial.

F11 No Memory Card: Lock
This tells the camera not to take a photo when a memory card is not in the camera, or the memory card is full. AKA: Bacon savor option.

Hope this help with your photography.

Bill Debevc