Hey NASA! Eat Your Heart Out!

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MSNBC profiles a self-proclaimed computer geek and bored photographer as he shows us how he got some amazing photographs from the edge of space. Using simple off-the-shelf materials and equipment (albeit, the GPS looks complicated) he attaches a consumer point-and-shoot camera to a weather balloon and retrieves stunning images taken from up to 22 miles above the Earth.
I can’t include the video here, but the link is here to the MSNBC site and hopefully the actual video of the segment.


The idea isn’t exactly an original one as a group of MIT students have documented their stratospheric attempt on their Project Icarus website. The MIT site has a good amount of documentation on exactly the recipe used to achieve the experiment as well as important FAA regulation information.

Hey! If you try this out, let us know. We’d love to feature your images.

Here’s the Project Icarus time lapse video, although the images are not as exciting as shown on the MSNBC segment.

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