Google, Kansas? Google Fiber Jones?

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As if Google needed any more publicity, or did it?
I previously posted about the whole Google Fiber announcement, and thought it was a great plan. I also pointed to the website that one could got to in order to nominate their fine cities for the trial. But it’s now getting to be real funny here with a couple of major cities creating some fairly creative publicity stunts in order to garner favor in the nomination process. Now whether these shenanigans are farcical or not, it certainly is adding some free press to and mind share for the Google Goliath. Google can obviously afford air time at anytime they choose, but why pay for it when you can get it for free. I mean, here’s a little more for ya Google, a whole 20 – 30 people will see this and for sure use Google search the next time they have the need.

Ok, all kidding aside, there is a serious search engine war going on as Microsoft has upped its game with Bing and the mass of airtime they have invested in. Not just in the regular commercials, but have you seen the ad placements in some of your favorite TV shows recently? I can’t remember what crime-drama it appeared in, but there it was clear as day, BING on the computer monitor as the detectives search for whatever it was. If you know what I’m talking about, remind me in a comment below.

Google is either very clever, or really had no idea that there would be an ever growing commotion surrounding the initial announcement and ensuing competition that several Mayors have started for their cities. I, for one, think it’s a little of both. They basically created a brand new playing field and now its up to us to make up a game to play on it.

Good Luck to all the competing cities and for my own city of Las Vegas, I purpose that our self-proclaimed happiest Mayor in the universe, change his name to The Honorable Mayor Oscar Google.