Google Fiber- Not just for breakfast!

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Google, the Goliath of all things Google internet has announced that they will begin trials of high-speed (1 Gb per sec) internet to residences via fiber network. WOW! That would be awesome! I want it now, put me on the list, I’ll give you my first born child, gimme, gimme, gimme !

I don’t care what a lot of people say about Google and it’s drive to take over the world collect all my data and information to use against me in some maniacal, apocalyptic scheme to control my every move. I’m really not that interesting, I have that LifeLock service and besides, I have a tin foil hat that protects me just fine from EMF mind probing. I don’t care! They have giving me free email service, free document tools and a free phone number with unlimited long distance.

The very thought of Google-fied fiber internet to my doorstep makes me gigidy- gigidy with delight. Imaging the applications that can be run over 1 Gbps, and the streaming content,,, you know,, CONTENT! High-def movies, gaming, cloud-based apps, and the very fact of faster uploading and downloading my photo’s to my lab or my online proofing site sounds like a winner to me. OK, well I had to add something in there to relate to photography.

So here’s the deal. Google is going to test this in 50,000 and up to 500,000 households nationwide. Who gets the trial goodness? Well, I’m sure there’s certain demographics details involved; however, Google wants to test how this infrastructure can be rolled out to just about anywhere. They want to learn, create and share the experience in order to bring the data lusciousness to as many as possible in the future. You! yes You, can nominate your city, county or state simply by going to the project website and filling out their form (O dear, beware, Google’s gonna gather more info on ya!)

I’m sure this nomination process is fodder for a Facebook or Twitter viral registration drive, so be on the look-out.

You can access the project page here. Google

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