Dear Nikon, Part 1

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Dear Nikon,

First of all I love my D700 and am very glad I invested in it.  But with cameras , or anything for that mater, we have wishes. I would like to let you know of a few features that I would like to see in your cameras, all these lists could be done in the camera software, and would be beneficial to me as well as the rest of the Nikon community.

  1. Focus distance in the info screen– Wouldn’t  be nice to see the focus distance on the info screen before we took the shot.  I have seen in the focus distance in the EXIF data, so you are getting the information.  Hyperfocal distance would sure be easier to set correctly.
  2. Level (as in bubble level)- It would be cool for the level information to be stored in the EXIF data so that Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom, or your Capture NX software could automatically straighten the photo for you. The information I would be looking for would be the angle off level in degrees with +/- for CW or CCW direction off level.
  3. Quiet high speed shutter- It’s my understanding that when taking a photo the mirror slaps up, the aperture is adjusted, the shutter is released, then the aperture is adjusted back to wide open, finally the mirror moves back down.  As you know SLR cameras are noisy, and very loud when in a quiet place.  It would be nice if we could have a mode that would allow us in Continuous hight speed to tell the mirror to lock up and then shoot the 8 frames a second.  I understand that focus would not happen during this mode, but it would focus before the first shot in the burst.

Your Friend

Bill Debevc