Crop Duster- Hummingbird At Large!

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This little guy decided to crash a wedding I was shooting at the Loews Resort just outside of Las Vegas. We were all just hanging out, patiently waiting for the ever fashionably-late bride, when the little crop duster swooped in and raised a slight stir. Ok, well crop is a play on words as I simply wanted to show what a little cropping can do for a photograph. I knew the lens I was shooting with at the moment was too wide, but its all I had at the moment. However, I also knew that If I could get it at least in focus, I could crop in on those many mega-pixels and really make them work.

This was all edited in Lightroom 3 Beta 2 which I am now testing out and will soon have a review. Obviously some cropping done as well as some gradient tool, post-crop vignette- some contrast, saturation and clarity adjustments round out the recipe. I’m also digging the much improved watermarking feature in the new Lightroom.

What do you think of the little Hummingbird? Leave a comment will ya!

Brother Chris