Aperture 3 Import Success!

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I am now ‘One’ with Aperture 3!
Well, at least with importing my old Aperture 2 libraries that is.  I have found a way to do a successful import of a 300+ GB Aperture 2 library into Aperture 3.  I found that when I tried to import using the traditional way with Aperture 3, it would freeze my Mac. Apparently not an uncommon issue as several people are having the same problem, according to the support boards. After some trial-and-error, I have successfully created a back door approach that works for me by going directly into the file structure of my old Aperture 2 library. This is NOT an officially supported approach. Please take care when using this method, have a full backup first because you could destroy your Aperture 2 library quickly with a mistake, using this method.  You have been warned!

What I have done is imported the Aperture 2 library at the project level, bypassing the database.  Here are the steps to import bliss:

  1. Restart your computer holding the sift key to have OS X clear its cache.
  2. Restart your computer again.
  3. From the applications folder get info on Aperture 3 and check “Open in 32 bit mode.”
  4. Once aperture starts create a new library from File->Switch to Library->Other
  5. From Preferences turn off faces.
  6. Now open finder and fix your screen so you can see both the finder and Aperture 3.
  7. Find your Aperture 2 library in finder and right click, or cmd click, the Aperture 2 library and select show contents.
  8. Now you will see in finder all your Aperture 2 Projects. Simply drag and drop your projects in to Aperture 3.  I was able to drag and drop about 25 or so at a time in to Aperture 3. You can also select multiple Projects to import at once.  

This took all night to run on my old library, so depending on your Library your milage and will vary.

Bill Debevc