Aperture 3- GPS Photo Tagging with Places

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With the introduction of iPhoto’09, ‘Places’ has been a very popular feature. Now Apple has brought Places to Aperture 3. Places allows you to GeoTag your photos on a map. If you have a GPS enabled camera, GPS Track or another GPS method, Aperture 3 will automatically place your images on the map for you.

I have used photo mapping quite often on Google Maps, turning on photos to see what’s there at locations I’m searching on. It’s a great feature and I’m looking forward to seeing my own images in a my Aperture 3 map.

I have been preparing my photos for the GPS photo-tagging feature because I expected that Apple would incorporate this feature from iPhoto to Aperture. What I did was take a photo on location with my iPhone and imported that photo in to my workflow. This allowed me to easily copy the GPS data from that iPhone photo to the other photos taken with my SLR with the lift and stamp tool.

As you can see, Aperture inserts red pins on your map showing you where in the world you have photos with GPS location information in them.

If your photos are not GeoTagged its now easier than ever to place your images on the map, all you do is select the photos and drag and drop them on the map.

To place a photo on the map within Aperture 3 , it’s as easy as this:

  1. Select the photo from your library
  2. Pick Places from the toolbar
  3. Search or zoom to the location of your photo.
  4. Drag the photo to the proper location on the map.

Once you have your photo on the map you can explore your map to find photos by location.

What makes this feature so nice in Aperture or iPhoto is the map, it is one thing to assign location data, it’s another to have a interface that allows you to find and use that data.

In a upcoming post I will show you how to use Geo-Tagged data to create a “Indiana Jones Style” slide show. Then I will show you how to share you photos on Google maps.

How do you think you could use your own GPS tagged photo’s or those of others on a Geo-tagged photo-enhanced map? Please leave your comment below!

Bill Debevc

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