The Bokeh Brothers breakout the ‘Tog Blog!
This is it folks, it don’t get no better than this! Ok, well maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t; but the fact of the matter is that Bill Debevc and Chris Inman are bringing you something new, something unique. They are going to bring you a hybrid of resources, challenges, information, workshops, meet-ups, podcasts, video’s and much more, all in the name of photography excellence. Stay tuned and check back often as they unleash public and subscriber content for you to savor and devour. Bookmark this site now, it’s you last chance!

In the mean time, please visit their respective websites

Bil Debevc’s- sshaPhotos

Bill is a photographer specializing in Architecture, and Events. He is active in the local photographer community attending and volunteering to teach at local clubs and schools. Ever learning he is honing his skills with lighting, using Nikon speed lights and studio lighting. His background in computers and teaching computer software gives him the technical skills necessary to excel in digital photography.

Chris Inman’s- Chris Inman Photography

Full circle is how you might describe Chris’s photography background. Learning the basics is high school like so many others, Chris went on to manage photography labs in some of Las Vegas’s most elegant and popular hotel/casino’s. Joining the U.S. Marines just before Desert Storm led Chris to a path of technologies where he soon excelled in troubleshooting, fabricating, and instructing fellow Marines. More recently Chris earned his Bachelors degree in Information Technologies where hardware and software training, design and sales has given him a firm foothold into user interaction and communications, with an innate ability to articulate technically advanced concepts to the not-so-technically advanced users. Full circle is the theme here as we now find Chris re-immersed into photography as a passion re-founded. He currently photographs about 30 weddings per year as well as several events, portrait sessions, commercial models and landscapes.